Half of our vineyard started its life in Greytown. The original vineyard had 6 red and 2 white varietals, one of the first vineyards planted in KZN. In an effort to preserve some of the history we transplanted some of the vines in 2012 which were originally planted between 2002 and 2004. It all started on the 22 February with a back actor digging our trenches in Rosetta. On the 7 March we went to Greytown and pruned the vines in preperation for their move. Between 24 May and 7 June we slowly dug up each vine in Greytown and carefully transported them to Rosetta. We choose Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay and a few Shiraz vines to transplant. In 2015 we were given a few experimental vines of Chambourcin and we planted more in 2016. This is a very exciting experiment and so far the vines are looking really good. Gallery